Friday, February 23, 2007

A bit about me and my boys ;-)

In December 1997 I gave birth to a whopping 10pd baby boy. He was very healthy , reached his milestones somewhat early , I remember his first steps at around 9months ! and ofcourse he was fully vaccinated as it was just the done thing - God knows it was drummed into our heads and still is today about vaccinating babies to save their lives .
Well like I said my son WAS healthy , he talked and walked and smiled and laughed all appropriate for his age . But one day it all vanished ! It was as if somebody cast a magic spell upon him but a bad magic spell . He lost his words , he would never laugh or smile , he would never look at me or anyone in the eye and he was happiest left to play all alone.
The family Doctor and friends and family all said to just wait and he will talk when he is ready when I was becoming worried about hsi lack of speech :-( . I should never have listened and I should have picked up on things earlier because he did not get a diagnosis of Autism until the age of 4 .
He was diagnosed as moderate to severly Autistic. When I was told the diagnosis I got outside the Doctors office and fell to my knees and cried , I held my beautiful boy and I cried . I felt like they had given him some kind of death sentence because I did not know anything about Autism .
That was about 5 years ago now and things have changed. I spent what seems like the last 4 of those 5 years up most nights til 3 or 4am researching all I could get my hands on about Autism . I dont know what it was , but there was something inside of my gut or head telling me that this is not it , this is not the end all be all , he cannot be like this for the rest of his life BECAUSE he was NOT like this as a baby !
I was right ! I was very lucky to come across families in the USA that had tried diets such as the GFCF (gluten free casein free) and the Feingold diet , so I joined there group and learned a lot ! With what I learned from them about diets I was able to put to practice immediately and when it worked (I got huge results) I KNEW without a doubt in my mind that my little boy was still in there somewhere waiting for his mummy to break him out !

4 years ago also saw the birth of my other son , with what I had tried re diets and saw results , I had a horrible knot in my stomach about Autism and scared that my baby would also fall victim to it. When he came along he was too very healthy , slept fantastically - from 9pm til 9am every night ! I hesitated when it came to his vaccinations as I had started to learn from others that they thought it was the vaccines as a cause. At that time I didnt have any evidence or anything much to go on other than other parents suspicions so I went along to vaccinate my baby but I aksed the nurses about the link to Autism. The nurses denied any link and told me it was perfectly safe , that it was all just crazy people saying this about Autism and vaccinations and thats it !
Well I vaccinated and almost lost my baby boy ! He developed Meningitis and we were just lucky that my lovely female Dr saw the signs early enough and sent us off to the childrens hospital where we spent the next week getting him treatment . Again when I raised the issue of vaccines the nursing staff were very quick to dismiss it and told me it was just a coincidence !
Well that led me to be even more suspicious and even though I still had no real proof about the vaccine causing this I believed it did cause my sons illness but what horified me and did change my mind forever that day was that my son shared his room with other children who also had Meningitis and who also had recently been vaccinated !!!
THAT WAS IT !! From that moment I had all I needed to make the decision never to vaccinate again !
When i arrived home I continued my research into the link of vaccinations , the ingredients of AUSTRALIAN vacccinations and possible cover ups !
I was disgusted at what I found and I will talk more about that later !
I will also tell you what I found in way of treatments for vaccine injured children and I will share some sad stories of babies that fell victim to toxic overload as well as some happy moments I have encountered on the road to recovery !
check back soon